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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Corinthians 8

1 a This benefite of God appeared in two things: first, that the Macedonians being in so great afflictions were so prompt to helpe others: & next that being in great pouertie, where verie liberal toward others.

1 ! By the example of the Macedonians.

2 b So that a moste abundant riuer of riches flowed our of their pouertie.

4 c So he calleth their liberalitie, ether because thei were the bestowers of Gods graces, or because thei receiued them of God frely, and so they defared Paul to se to the distribution thereof.

9 ! And Christ by exhorteth them to continue in relieuing the poore Saintes, commending their good beginning.

10 d Euerie man may do good that hathe abilitie thereunto, but to wil, and haue a minde to do goods cometh of perfite charitie.

14 e That as you helpe others in their nede, so others shal releue your want.

14 f That bothe you & others as occasion shal serue, may relieue the godlie according to their necessities.

17 g And willingly offred him self to gather your almes.

18 h In preaching the Gospel. Some vnderstand Luke, other Barnabas.

21 i His wel doing is approued before God & man.

23 k That is, byt whome Christs glorie is greatly aduanced.

23 ! After he commendeth Titus and his felowes vnto them.