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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Corinthians 7

1 ! He exhorteth them by the promises of God to kepe them selues pure.

1 a Consider this wel, ye that serue idoles with your bodies, & yet thinke your consciences pure towarde God: God wil one day smite you for your halting.

1 b Of bodie & soule.

2 d By griedie couetousnes.

5 e He had nether rest in bodie, nor spirit, & semeth that he alludeth to that which is written, {Deut. 32, 25} for the crosse to mans eye is commune bothe to the godlie & to the wicked, althogh to contrarie ends.

8 ! And doeth not excuse his seueritie towarde them, but rejoyceth thereat, considering what profite came thereby.

11 g Whose hearts Gods Spirit doeth touche, he is sorie for his sinnes committed against so merciful a Father: & these are the frutes of his repentance, as witnes Dauids & Peters teares: others which are sorie for their sinnes onely for feare of punishment & Gods vengeance, fall into desperacion, as Cain, Saul, Achitophel & Judas.

11 h In asking God forgiuenes.

11 i For in judging & chastising your selues, you preuented Gods angre.

15 k The Greke worde signifieth, his bowelles, whereby is ment moste great loue and tender affections.