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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Corinthians 6

2 a To wit, Gods fre mercie, wherein he hathe powred forthe his infinite loue.

3 b By the infideles, if they sawe no frute come thereof.

6 c He declareth with what weapons he resisted his afflictions.

6 d Who is the efficient cause.

6 e Which is, the final cause.

7 f By the Gospel, and the power of God and his owne integritie, he ouerthrew Satan, and the worlde, as with weapons on euerie side most ready.

11 ! And to beare him like affection, and he doeth them.

11 g Signifying his moste vehement affection.

12 h Their iudgement was so corrupted, that they were not likewise affectioned towardes him, as he was towardes them.

14 ! Also to kepe them selues from all pollution of idolatrie bothe in bodie, and soule, and to haue none acquaintance with idolaters.

14 k He semeth to allude to the which is written, {Deut. 22,10} where the Lord commandeth that an oxe & an asse be not yoked together, because the match is vnequal: so if the faithful marie with the infideles, or els haue to do with them in anie thing vnlawful, it is here reproued.

16 l So called because he hathe not onely life in him self, but giueth it also to all liuing creatures.