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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Corinthians 5

1 a After this bodie shalbe dissolued, it shalbe made incorruptible and immortal.

1 ! Paul procedeth to declare the vtilitie that cometh by the crosse.

3 / Or, if so be we shalbe founde clothed, & not naked.

4 / Or, wherein.

6 b Not onely quiet in minde, but also ready to susteine all dangers: being assured fo the good successe thereof.

6 / Or, strangers in the bodie.

7 c For here onely we beleue in God, & se him not.

9 d In this bodie.

9 e Out of this bodie, to heauen.

11 i By imbracing the same faith which we preache to others.

11 g His feareful judgement.

11 h He proueth the dignitie of his ministerie by the frute and effect thereof, which is to bring men to Christ.

12 k As they, which more estemed the outwarde shewe of wisdome and eloquence, then true godlines.

13 l As the aduersaries said, which colde not abide to heare them praised.

13 m Our folie serueth to Gods glorie.

14 n Therefore whosoeuer giueth place to ambition or vaine glorie, is yet dead, and liueth not in Christ.

14 ! He setteth forthe the grace of Christ.

16 p According to the estimation of the worlde: but as he is guided by the Spirit of God.

16 q We do not esteme, nor commende Christ him self now, as he was an excellent man: but as he was the Sonne of God, partakers of his glorie, and in whome God dwelled corporally: and do you thinke, that I wil flatter my self or anie man in seting forthe his giftes? Yea, when I praise my ministerie, I commende the power of God: when I commende our worthie factes, I praise the mightie power of God, set forthe by vs wormes and wretches.

17 r Let him be regenerat, and renounce him self, els all the rest is nothing.

19 f Therefore without Christ we can not enjoye the life euerlasting nor come to God.

20 ! And the office of ministers, and all the faithful.

21 u By imputation, when we shalbe clad with Christs justice.