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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Corinthians 10

1 a These wordes his bacbiters vse, thinking thereby to diminish his autoritie, as {verse. 10}.

1 ! He toucheth the false apostles and defendeth his autoritie, exhorting them to obedience.

2 b As thogh we boasted of our selues by a carnal affection.

10 e Meaning, a certeine man among them, which thus spake of Paul.

12 d He that measureeth anie thing, must haue some line or measure to mette by, and not to measure a thing by it self: so these boasters must measure them silues by their worthie actes: & if they wil compare with other, let them shewe what countries, what cities, & people they haue wonne to the Lord: for who wil praise that souldier, which onely at the table can finely talke of the warres, & when he cometh, to the brunt, is nether valiant nor expert?

13 e That is, the giftes & vocation, which God had giuen him to winne others by.

13 ! And how he vseth it.

16 f God gaue the whole worlde to the Apostles to preache in, so that Paul here meaneth by the line his porcion of the countre is where he preached.