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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Corinthians 4

1 ! He declareth his diligence, and roundenes in his office.

1 a For anie troubles or afflictions.

2 b Meaning, suche shiftes & pretences as become not them that haue suche a great office in hand.

4 c To wit, Satan, {Joh. 12,31, & 14,30. eph. 6,12}

4 d In whome God doeth shewe him self to be sene: and here Christ is called so in respect of his office.

5 e As they, which preache for gaine, or els which rather seke to be sene and knowen, then to edifie.

6 g That we haueing receiued light, shuld communicate the same with others and therefore Christ calleth them the light of the world, {Mat. 5,14}

7 h Albeit the ministers of the Gospel be contemptible as touching their persone, yet the treasure which they carie, is nothing worse or inferior.

8 ! And that which hes enemies toke for his disaduantage, to wit, the crosse and afflictions which he endured, he turned it to his great aduantage.

10 i All the faithful, & chiefly the ministers must drinke of this cup, because the worlde hateth Christ: & also that the members shulde be conformable to Christ their head, yet by the mightie power of Christ, who ouercame death, they are made conquerours.

12 k By our death you haue life: so that the frute of our afflictions cometh to you.

13 l The same faith by the inspiration of the holie Gost.

14 m In deliuering vs from these dangers, which is as it were a restoring from death to life.

15 n That I being deliuered and restored to yu againe may not onely my self giue God thankes for this infinite benefite of deliuerance, but also you all, which are bothe partakers of mine affliction and comforte, may abundantly set forthe his glorie.

16 o Groweth stronger.

17 p Which is so called in respect of the euerlasting life.