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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Corinthians 3

1 ! He taketh for example the faith of the Corinthians for a probation of the truth which he preached.

3 c The hardnes of mans heart before he be regenerat, is as a stonie table, {??? 11,19, & 36, 26} but being regenerat by the Spirit of God, it is as softe as flesh, that the grace of the Gospel may be written in it, as in new tables, {Jer. 31,21}

3 b Who were God's penne.

6 e Which Christ gaue.

6 f Meaning, the spiritual doctine, which is in our hearts.

6 ! And to exalt his Apostleship against the bragges of the false apostle.

7 g Thus he nameth the Law in comparison of the Gospel.

7 h After that God spoken with him and giuen him the Law.

7 ! He maketh comparison betwixt the Law and Gospel.

9 i For the Law declareth all men to be vnder condemnation.

9 k Meaning, of the Gospel, which declareth that Christ, is made our righteousnes.

13 m Moses shewed the law as it was couered with shadowes, so that the Jewes eyes were not lightened but blinded, and so culde not come to Christ who was the end thereof againe the Gospel setteth forthe the glorie of God clearely, not couering our eyes, but driuing the darkenes away from them.

17 n Christ is our mediator, & autor of the New testament, whose doctrine is spiritual, & giueth life to the Law.

18 o In Christ, who is God manifested in the flesh, we se God the Father as in a moste cleare glasse.