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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Corinthians 12

1 ! The diuersitit of the girtes of the holie Gost oght to be vsed to the edifying of Christs Church.

1 a The Corinthians hauing notable giftes, semed to haue forgotten of whome, & for what end they had receiued them.

2 c By Satans suggestion.

3 d As no man that hathe the Spirit of God can blaspheme Christ, and worship idoles, so none can acknowledge Christ for Lord and God without the same Spirit.

7 e To with, the Church, which is the whole body.

8 f That is, the vnderstanding of the Scriptures.

10 h To worke by miracles against Satan & hypocrites, as was done against Ananias, Elymas, &c.

10 i Meaning the declaration of Gods mysteries.

10 k To trie bothe the doctrine & the persones.

12 ! As the members of mans bodie serue to the vse one of another.

13 l That we might be one bodie with Christ, and the whole Church one Christ: of the which conjunction Baptisme, & the Lords Supper are effectual signes: for by baptisme we are regenerat in into one Spirit, and by the Lords Supper we are incorporat into Christs bodie to be gouerned by the same Spirit.

20 m And therefore whatsoeuer the diuersitie is, yet the profite oght to be commune and serue to the edificacion of the Church.

25 p Euerie one in his office for the preseruacion of the bodie.

27 q For all Churches dispersed throughout the worlde are diuers memebers of one bodie.

27 / Or, euerie one for his parte.

28 s As Elders.