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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Corinthians 11

1 ! He rebuketh the abuses which were crept into their Church.

4 b This tradition was obserued according to the time and place that all things might be done in comelines & to edification.

4 a This is a referred to commune prayer and preaching: for althogh one speake, yet the action is commune, so that the whole Church may be said to praye or preache.

4 / Or, preaching.

7 d The image of Gods glorie, in whome his maiestie & power shine concerning his autoritie.

7 e Or receiueth her glorie, in commendation of man, & there fore is subject.

10 f Some thing to couer her head in signe of subjection.

10 g To whome thei also shew their dissolution, and not onely to Christ.

11 h Who is autor & mainteiner of their mutual conjunction.

11 i For as God made the woman of man, so now is man multiplied by the woman.

15 l For God hathe giuen to woman longer heere then vnto man, to the end she shulde trusse it vp about her head, whereby she declareth that she must couer her head.

19 m Not that all were so, but the moste parte.

19 n Gods Church is not onely subject to discension as touching ordres and maners, but also to heresies as touching doctrine.

23 ! Bringing them againe to the first institution thereof.

23 o Who oght onely to beare autoritie in the Church.

24 p Signifying the maner of his death when his bodie shulde, as it were, betorne and broken with moste grieuous torments (albeit not as the thies of the thieues were) the which thing the breaking of the bread, as a figure, doeth moste liuely represent.

27 q By peruerting the true & pure vse of the same.

29 r But as thogh these holie mysteries of the Lords bodie & blood were commune meats, so without reuerence he commeth vnto them.

30 s Or, dye. Let them loke to them selues which ether adde or take away from the Lords institution.