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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Corinthians 13

1 a If the Angels had tongues, & I had the vse thereof, & did not bestowe them to profite my neighbour, it were nothing but vaine babling.

2 b Faith is here taken for the gift of doing miracles, which the wicked may haue, as {Mat. 7:22} & also for that faith (called historical) which beleueth the mightie power of Christ, but can not apprehend Gods mercie throught him: & this deuils haue, {Jam. 2, 19}: & therefore is separate from charitie, but the faith that justifieth in effect cannot as {1 John 2,9}

7 c Not that it suffreth it self to be abused, but judgeth other by all loue & humanitie.

7 d Which may be without offence of Gods worde.

9 e Knowledge it self shalbe perfited in the worlde to come, & not abolished: but the maner of knowing & teaching shal cease, when we shalbe before Gods presence, where we shal nether nede scholes nor teachers.

13 h Because it serueth bothe here & in the life to come: but faith and hope apperteine onely to this life.

13 ! Because loue is the fountaine and rule of edifying the Church, he setteth forthe the nature, office and praise thereof.