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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Corinthians 10

1 ! He feareth them with the examples of the Jewes that they put not their trust carnally in the graces of God.

2 a Moses being their guide, or minister, or as some read, thei were baptized vnto Moses Lawe, others by Moses.

3 b that is, Manna which was the outwarde signe or Sacrament of the Spiritual grace.

3 c They ate the same meat that we do, because the substance of theirs and our Sacraments is all one.

4 d That is, signified Christ as all Sacraments do.

7 e Because hereby occasion was taken to forget God, & commit idolatrie, therefore these indifferent things are counted idolatrie.

8 f Moses readeth foure and twentie thousand, which declareth an infinite nomber.

9 g Who was their leader and was called the Angel of God.

10 h Meaning ether the good or euil Angel whose ministerie God vseth to execute his judgement to the vtter destruction of the wicked.

11 i How God wil plague vs if we be subject to the like vices.

11 k Or, later daies of Christs comming.

13 l He that led you into this tentation which commeth vnto you ether in prosperitie or aduersitie, or for your sinnes past, wil turn it to your commoditie & deliuer you.

16 m Or, prepare to this holie vse with praise and thankes giuing.

16 n The effectual badge of our conjunction and incorporation with Christ?

17 o If we that are many in nomber, are but one bodie in effect, joyned with our head Christ, as many cornes make but one loafe, let vs renounce idolatrie which doeth separate our vnitie.

18 p Which is gouerned according to the ceremonies of the Law.

20 q Which is to assemble in the companie where idoles are called vpon.

25 r For in those days they were accustomed to sel certeine of the flesh of beastes sacrificed in the shambles & turned the money to the Priests profit.

25 s Or, doute not.

29 t We must take hede that through our abuse, our libertie be not condemned.

30 u If by the benefite of God I may eat any kinde of meat, why shulde I by my defaut cause this benefite to be euil spoken of.

33 y Which are indifferent.