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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Corinthians 9

1 ! He exhorteth them by his example to vse their libertie to the edification of other.

2 a I nede no further declaration but the workes that I haue wroght among you.

5 e A faithful & Christian wife.

5 d The Apostles led their wiues about with them.

5 c On the Church charges.

6 f Whether thei might not as lawfully liue without laboruing for their liuing with their owne hands, as other Apostles.

9 g Had God respect properly to the oxen them selues when he made this Law, and not rather vnto men?

12 / Or, take in mouthe.

13 i For the parte that was burnt, was deuored of the altar, & the other was due vnto the Priests by the Law.

15 k For now you haue no juste cause against me, seing that I preached the Gospel frely vnto you.

17 l Seing he be charged to preache, he must willingly and earnestly followe it: for if he do it by constrainte, he doeth not his duetie.

18 m That I be not chargeable to them vnto whome I preache, seing that they thinke that I preache for gaines.

22 o In things indifferent, as eating of meats, obseruation of feasts & daies and suche like he facioned him selfe to men in suche sorte as he might best gaine them to Christ.

24 ! To runne on forthe in the course that they haue begonne.

25 p That is, kepeth a straict dyet & refraineth from suche things as might distempre his bodie.

27 r Lest he shulde be reproued of men when they shulde se him do contrarie, or contemne that thing which he taught others to do.

27 q Or, olde man which rebelleth against the Spirit.