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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Corinthians 8

1 ! He rebuketh them that vse their libertie to the sclander of other, in going to the idolatrous sacrifices.

1 a Of the libertie that God hathe giuen vs touching out warde things.

4 b This he speaketh in their persone which bragged so muche of their libertie, saying that an image amongs all things that are made is of no force.

5 c Which being idoles, yet are estemed of men as Lords and Seigneurs.

7 d In that they thoght the meat offered vp to the image, not to be pure, and therefore colde not eat it with a good conscience.

8 e This abundance and want is referred to spiritual things {Rom 14,17}

9 ! And sheweth how mane oght to behaue towarde suche as be weake.

9 / Or, libertie in things indifferent.

10 f By thine example without any grounde of doctine.

11 g Which eateth against his conscience, or in doute.