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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Corinthians 7

0 !

1 ! The Apostles swereth to certeine questions, which the Corinthians desired to knowe.

1 a Or, expedient because mariage, through mans corruption, and not by Gods institution bringeth cares and troubles.

2 b Speaking to all men in general.

3 c Which conteineth all due cities perteining to mariage.

6 d He sheweth that he commandeth not precisely all men to marie, but that God hathe granted this remedie vnto them which can not liue chaste.

9 e With the fyre of concupiscence, that is when mans wil so giueth place to the lust that temteth, that he can not call vpon God with a quiet conscience.

11 f For hatred, dissension, angre, &c.

11 ! Of discordes & dissension in mariage,

12 h In asmuche as there was nothing expresly spoken hereof in the Law, or Prophetes: or els he spake this moued by the Spirit of God as he testifieth in the 25. ver.

13 ! Of mariage betwene the faithful & vnfaithful

14 i Meaning, that the faith of the beleuer hathe nore power to sanctifie mariage then the wickednes of the other to pollute it.

14 k They that are borne of ether of the parents faithful are also counted members of Christs Church, because of the promes, {Act. 2, 39}

15 l When suche things come to passe, that the faithful & vnfaithful be maried together, and the one forsake the other without cause.

17 m The lawful vocation in outwarde things must not lightly be neglected.

18 n Which is when the surgeon by arte draweth out the skinne to couer the parte, Celsus lib. 7 ca 25 Epiphan lib de ponderib & mensure {1Maccab 1, 16}

18 ! Of uncircumcising the circumcised.

19 o It is all one whither thou be Jewe or Gentil.

21 p Althogh God hathe called thee to serue in this life, yet thinke not thy condition vnworthie for a Christian: but rejoyce, that thou art deliuered by Christ from the miserable sclauerie of sinne and death.

21 ! Of seruitude.

22 q Being seruant by condition is made partaker of Christ.

25 / Or, the state of virginitie.

25 s He blindeth no man to that which God hathe left fre: but sheweth what is moste agreable to Gods wil, according to the circumstance of the time, place & persones.

25 / Or, belieued.

26 t To be single.

28 z In wishing that you colde liue without wiues.

28 x As worldlie cares of their children & familie.

28 y He doeth not preferre singlenes as a thing more holie then mariage, but by reason of incommodities, which the one hathe more then the other.

30 b Which be in prosperitie.

31 c In this worlde there is no thing but mere vanitie.

33 d Which onely apperteine to this present life.

33 / And he is diuided, meaning into diuers cares.

34 e She may atteine vnto it soner then the others, because she is without cares.

35 f Seing S. Paul colde binde no mans conscience to single life, what presumption is that anie other shulde do it.

36 g That is, that she shulde marie to auoide fornication.

37 h Meaning he that is fully persudaded he hathe no nede.

37 i For the fathers wil dependeth on his childrens in this point: in so muche as he is bounde to haue respect to their infirmitie, nether can he justly require of them singlenes, if they haue not that gift of God so to liue.

38 k And more commodious for his children, in preseruing them from cares.

39 ! And seconde mariage.