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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Corinthians 3

1 ! Paul rebuketh the sectes and autours thereof.

1 a Being ingrafted in Christ by faith, we begin to moue by his Spirit, & as we profite in fiath, we growe vp to a ripe age. And here let him take hede that teacheth, lest for mile he giue poyson: for milke and strong meat in effect are one, but onely differ in manner & forme.

7 ! No man oght to attribute his saluacion to the ministers, but to God.

8 b He chargeth them with two fautes: the one, that thei attributed to muche to the ministers, and the other, that thei preferred one minister to another.

10 d He reproueth the ministers of Corinth, as theachers of curious doctrines & questions.

10 ! That they beware erronious doctrines.

13 e Or the time: which is, when the light of the trueth shal expel the darkenes of ignorance, then the curious ostentacion of mans wisdome shalbe broght to noght.

13 f By the tryal of Gods Spirit.

15 i As touching his life, if he holde fast the fundacion.

15 h He reproueth them not as false apostles, but as curioius teachers of humaine sciences, as they which lothing at the simplicitie of Gods worde, preache philosophical speculacions.

16 ! The dignitie and office bothe of ministers and also of all the faithful.

19 k When the them selues are entangled in the same snares, which thei laid for others.

21 l But in God who worketh by his ministers to his owne glorie & the comfort of his Church.