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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Corinthians 2

1 a That is, the Gospel, whereby God doeth manifest himself to the worlde, or whereof God is the autor & witnes.

1 / Or, mysterie.

1 ! He putteth for example his maner of preaching, which was according to the tenor of the Gospel.

3 b Herein appeareth his great modestie, who was not glorious, but abject & humble, not ful of vaine boastings & arrogancie, but with fear & trembling set forthe the mightie power of God.

6 c They whose vnderstandings are illuminate by faith, acknowledge this wisdome, which the worlde calleth follie.

6 d The worde is here taken for them whome ether for wisdome, riches or power men moste esteme.

8 f He calleth Jesus the mightie God, ful of true gloire & maiestie, whome dauid also calleth the King of glorie, {Psal 24,7} and Steuen nameth him the God of glorie, {Act. 7,2} & heareby appeareth the diuinitie of Christ, & conjunction of two natures in one person.

8 ! Which Gospel was contempitible & hid to the carnal.

9 g Man is not able to thinke of Gods prouidence towards his.

10 ! And againe honourable and manifest to the spiritual.

10 h For he is one God with the Father and the Sonne.

11 i Mans minde, which vnderstandeth and judgeth.

12 k We are not moued with that Spirit, which teacheth things wherewith the worlde is delited, and which men vnderstand by nature.

12 l All the benefits of God in Jesus Christ.

13 m As that which we teache is spiritual, so our kinde of teaching must be spiritual, that the wordes may agre with the matter.

14 n Whose knowledge & judgement is not cleared by Gods Spirit.

15 o For the trueth of God is not subject to the judgement of man.

16 p That is, Christs Spirit, {John 16,13, rom 8,9}