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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Corinthians 4

1 a As it is a thing intollerable to contemne the true ministers of God, for it is greatly reprehensible to attribute more vnto them then is mete.

1 ! After that he had described the office of a true Apostle.

3 ! Seing they did not acknowledge him suche one.

3 b Whether I haue great gifts or litle, few or manie.

4 c For as I do not knowe, whereby I shulde take anie occasion of glorie: so I am certeine that before God another maner of justice is required.

4 d Concerning mine office.

7 ! Beating downe their glorie which hindered them to praise that, which they dispraised in him.

7 f To wit, from other men and preferreth thee?

9 g To diminish his autorite they objected, that he was not made an Apostle by Christ, but afterwardes.

10 h By this bitter tanting in abjecting him self and exalting the Corinthians, he maketh them ashamed of their vaine glorie.

16 ! He sheweth what he requireth on their parte, & what they oght to loke for of him at his returne.

20 k that is, whatsoeuer giftes we haue receiued of God to this end, that he may reigne among vs.