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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Romans 12

1 ! The conuersation, loue and workes of suche as beleue in Christ.

1 a In stede of dead beasts, liuelie sacrifices in stede of the blood of beastes which was but a shadowe & pleased not God of it self, the acceptable sacrifice of the spiritual man, framed by faith to godlines and charitie.

1 b That is, true lawful * spiritual, {1 Pet. 2,5}

2 c Whatsoeuer is not agreable to Gods wil, is euil, displeasant and vnperfect.

3 d Two things are required, if we wil judge soberly of Gods giftes in vs: the one that we do not arrogate to our selues that which we haue not: next, that we boast not of the giftes, but reuerently vse them to Gods honour.

3 e That is, soberly, not neglecting Gods giftes, but vsing them to his glorie.

6 g By faith he meaneth the knowledge of God in Christ with the gifts of the holie Gost.

6 f By prophecying here he meaneth preaching and teaching, & by office or ministerie all suche offices, as apperteine to the Church as Elders, Deacons, &c.

8 i He meaneth them which were appointed to loke vnto the poore, as for the moste parte were the widowes, {Act. 6,1, 1 tim 5,9}

8 h Of these officers some are Deacons, some Gouernours, some kepe the poore.

17 l Liue so honestly & godly that no man can finde faute with you.

20 m For ether thou shalt wonne him with thy benefit, or els his conscience shal beare him witnes that Gods burning wrath hangeth ouer him.