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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Romans 11

2 b He talked with God not that he shulde punish Israel, but yet lamented their falshode & so his wordes made against them.

4 ! God hathe his Church althogh it be not sene to mans eye.

8 ! God hathe blinded the Jewes for a time, and reueiled him self to the Gentiles.

8 / Or, pricking.

9 d Christ by the mouth of the Prophet wisheth that which came vpon the Jewes, that is, that as birdes are taken where as they thinke to finde fode, so the Law which the Jewes of a blinde zeale preserred to the Gospel thinking to haue saluation by it, shulde turne to their destruction

11 g The Jewes to followe the Gentiles.

12 h In that the Gentiles haue the knowledge of the Gospel.

14 i That they might be jelouse ouer Christ against the Gentiles, ans so to be more feruent in loue toward Christ, then the Gentiles.

15 k The Jewes now remaine, as it were, in death for lacke of the Gospel: but when bothe they & the Gentiles shal embrace Christ, the worlde shalbe restored to a new life.

16 l Abraham was not onely sanctified, but his sede also which neglected not the promes.

16 y All things are created and preserued of God to set forthe his glorie.

17 n That is, the Church of the Israelites.

20 o Be careful: worship God, & trust in his promes.

22 p He speaketh of the Jewes and Gentiles in general.

25 q Meaning stubbernes & induration against Gods worde.

26 r He sheweth that the time shal come that the whole nation of the Jewes thoght not euery one particularly, shalbe joyned to the Church of Christ.

29 s To whome God giueth his Spirit of adoption, and whome he calleth effectually, he can not perish: for Gods eternal counsel neuer changeth.

29 ! The giftes of God without repentance.

34 u He reproueth the rashnes of men which murmure against the judgements of God.