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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Romans 13

2 a Not onely the punishment of the Judges, but also the vengeance of God.

4 ! Why they haue the sworde.

5 b For no priuate man can contemne that gouernment which God hathe appointed without the breache of his conscience: and here, he speaketh of ciuil magistrats: so that Antichrist and his can not wrast this place to establish their tyrannie ouer the conscience.

6 c That is, to defend the good and to punish the euil.

8 d He meaneth onely the seconde table.

11 ! An exhortation to innocenicie & puritie of life.

11 e Before we beleued, it had bene in vaine to tel vs these things: but now seing our saluation is nere, let vs take hedge that we neglect not this occasion.