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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Romans 10

1 ! After that he had declared his zeale towardes them.

2 a That is a certeine affection, but not a true knowledge.

3 ! He sheweth the cause of the ruine of the Jewes.

4 b The end of the Lawe is to justifie them which obserue it: therefore Christ hauing fulfilled it for vs, is made our justice, sanctification, &c.

4 ! The end of the Lawe.

5 ! The difference betwene the justice of the Lawe, and of faith.

6 c Because we can not performe the Law, it maketh vs to dout, who shal go to heauen & to say, Who shal go downe to the depe to deliuer vs thence? but faith teacheth vs that Christ is ascended vp to take vs with him & hathe descended into the depth of death to destroy death, & deliuer vs.

8 d That is, the promes & the Gospel which agreeth with the Lawe.

10 e That is, the way to be saued is to beleue with heart that we are saued onely by Christ, and to confesse the same before the worlde.

16 f Meaning the Gospel & the good tydings of saluation which thei preached.

17 g That is, by Gods commandement, of whome they are sent that preache the Gospel. It may be also taken for the very preaching itself.

17 ! Whereof faith cometh, and to whome it belongeth.

18 i The Hebrewe worde signifieth the line or proportion of the heauens, whose moste excellent frame, besides the rest of Gods creatures, preacheth vnto the whole worlde and setteth forthe the ??? of the Creator.

18 k Then seing all the worlde knewe God by his creatures, the Jewes colde not be ignorant, and so sinned of malice.

19 ! The rejection of the Jewes, and calling of the Gentiles.