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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Romans 9

1 a As becometh him that reuerenceth Christ, or whose tongue Christ ruleth & so taketh Christ for his witnes.

1 ! Hauing testified his great loue towardes his nacion, & the signes thereof,

3 b He wolde redeme the rejection of the Jewes that his owne damnacion, which declareth his zeale towarde Gods glorie, read {Exod. 32, 32}

4 c The Arke of the couenant because it was a signe of Gods presence, was called Gods gloire, {1Sam. 4:21. psal. 26:8}

6 f that is, of Jacob whose name was also Israel.

6 / Greke, fall away.

7 g The Israelites must not be estemed by their kinred, but by the secret election of God, which is aboue the external vocacion.

11 ! He entreateth of the election and reprobacion.

15 i As the onelie wil & purpose of God is the chief cause of election & reprobacion: so his fre mercie in Christ is an inferiro cause of saluacion, & the hardening of the heart, an inferior cause of damnacion.

28 l God wil make suche waste of that people that the fewe, which shal remaine, shalbe a worke of his justice, & shal set forthe his glorie in his Church.

33 n Jesus Christ is to the infideles destruction, & the the faithful life & resurrection.