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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Romans 8

1 a Thogh sinne be in vs, yet it is not imputed vnto vs, through Christ Jesus.

1 ! The assurance of the faithful and of the frutes of the holie Gost in them.

1 b He annexeth the condicion lest we shulde abuse the libertie.

2 c The power & autoritie of the Spirit, that is, the grace of regeneration.

2 d Whose sanctificacion is made ours.

3 e Christ did take flesh, which of nature was subject to sinne, which not withstanding he sanctifie euen in the verie instant of his conception, & so did appropriate it vnto him, that he might destorie sinne in it, {2. Cor. 5, 21}

3 / Or, of no strength.

3 ! The weakenes of the Lawe & who accomplished it.

4 f That which the Law requireth.

5 g The worde comprehendeth all that which is moste excellent in man, as wil, vnderstanding, reason, wit, &c.

10 h The Spirit of regeneracion which abolisheth sinne in our flesh, not all at once, but by degrees: wherfore we must in the meane time call to God through pacience.

15 k So he nameth the holie Gost of the effect, which he causeth in vs, when he proposeth vs saluacion by the Law with an impossible condicion, who also doeth seal our saluacion in our hearts by Christs fre adopcion, that we consider not God now as a rigorous Lord, but as a moste merciful Father.

16 l So that we haue two witnesses, Gods Spirit & ours, who is certified by the Spirit of God.

17 m Frely made partakers of the Fathers treasures.

18 ! Of pacience vnder the crosse.

20 o That is, to destruction, because of mans sinne.

20 n The creatures shal not be restored before that Gods children be broght to their perfection: in the meane season thei waite.

22 p He meaneth not the Angels nether deuils nor men.

23 r Which shalbe in the resurrection when we shalbe made conformable to our head Christ.

23 q And yet are farre from the perfection.

24 s By hope is ment the thing, which we hope for.

27 t In that he stirreth their heartes to pray, & sheweth bothe whome to aske, and how.

28 ! Of the mutual loue betwixt God and his children.

29 u He sheweth by the ordre of our election that afflictions are meanes to make vs, like the Sonne of God.

33 x Who pronounceth his just in his Sonne Christ.

35 y Wherewith he loued vs, or God in Christ: which loue is grounded vpon his determinate purpose, and Christ is the pledge thereof.

36 z Which is to signifie the condicion of Christes Church.

38 a Paul setteth forthe by these wordes the wonderful nature of the spirits, aswel the good, {Eph 1,21 col 1,1} as the euil spirits {Ephes. 6,12. col 2, 15}

39 b That is, wherewith God loueth vs in his Sonne Christ Jesus.