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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Romans 1

1 a Through Gods mercie, and also appointed by commandement to this Apostleship.

1 b Or chosen by the eternal counsel of God, or by the declaration of the same counsel.

1 ! Paul sheweth by whome, and to what purpose he is called.

2 c The Scriptures onely set forthe the great benefite of God promised and performed to the worlde in Jesus Christ.

3 d Meaning of the posteritie and of the flesh of the virgine Marie.

4 e By the Spirit he declareth that Christ is God whose power did so sanctifie his humanitie, that it colde not fele corruption, nor yet remaine in death.

5 f Which was that moste liberal benefite to preache the vnsearcheable riches of Christ.

6 g That is, by the mercie of God are adopted in Jesus Christ.

7 h The fre mercie of God & prosperous successe in all things.

9 l In preaching the Sonne of God, that is, reconciliation and peace through Christ.

13 m Ether by Satan {1Thess. 2,18} or by the holie Gost, {Acts. 16, 6} or called to some other place to preache the Gospel, {Chap. 15, 20}

13 n Whereof is spoken {John 15:16}

16 / Or, Gentiles.

16 ! What the Gospel is.

16 o He passeth not for the mocking of the wicked.

17 q The perfection, & integretie which whosoeuer hathe appeareth before God holie, blameles, & can be accused of not faute: and this justice is contrarie to mans justice, or the justice of workes, & onely is apprehended by faith which daily increaseth, {Psal 84,7}.

17 r Which God approueth.

18 s He deuided the law of nature corrupt into vngodlines, & vnrighteousnes. Vngodlines conteineth the false worshiping of God: vnrighteousnes, breache of loue towarde man.

18 t In that they nether worship God, as nature partely teacheth them, nor loue one another.

20 ! The vse of creatures and wherefore they were made.

21 u They worshiped him not as he prescribed, but after their good intentions

21 ! The ingratitude, peruersitie and punishment of all mankinde.

24 y Seing men would not according to the knowledge that God gaue them, worship him aright, he smote their hearts with blindnes that they shulde not knowe them selues, but do injurie one to another and commit such horrible vilenie.

28 z That is, suche one as was destitute of all judgement.

31 b Or consent to them: which is the full measure of all iniquitie.

31 a Which Law God writ in their consciences, and the Philosophers called the Law of nature: the lawers, the law of nations, whereof Moses Law is a plaine exposition.