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0 ! The great mercie of God is declared towarde man in Christ Jesus, whose righteousnes is made ours through faith. For when man by reason of his owne corruption colde not fulfil the Law, yea, committed moste abominably, bothe against the Law of God and nature, the infinite bountie of God, mindeful of his promes made to his seruant Abraham, the father of all beleiuers, ordeined that mans saluation shulde onely stand in the perfect obedience of his Sonne Jesus Christ: so that not onely the circumcised Jewes, but also the vncircumcised Gentiles shulde be saued by faith in him: euen as Abraham before he was circumcised, was counted juste onely through faith, and yet afterwarde receiued circumcision, as a seale or badge of the same righteousnes by faith. And to the intent, that none shulde thinke that the couenant which God made to him, and his posteritie, was not performed: ether because the Jewes receiued not Christ (which was the blessed sede) or els beleued not that he was the true redemer, because he did not onely, or at least more notable preserue the Jewes, the examples of Ismael and Esau declare, that all are not Abrahams posteritie, which come of Abraham according to the flesh: but also the verie strangers and Gentiles grafted in by faith, are made heires of the promes. The cause whereof is the onelie wil of God: forasmuche as of his fre mercie he electeth some to be saued, and of his juste judgement rejecteth others to be damned, as appeareth by the testimonies of Scriptures. Yet to the intent that the Jewes shulde not be to muche beaten downe, nor the Gentiles to muche puffed vp, the example of Elias proueth, that God hathe yet his elect euen of the natural posteritie of Abraham, thogh it appeareth not so to mans eye: and for that preferment that is the Gentiles haue it procedeth of the liberal mercie of God, which he at length wil stretch towarde the Jewes againe, and so gather the whole Israel (which is his Church) of them bothe. This grounde worke of faith and doctrine leyed, instructions of Christian maners followe: teaching euerie man to walke in roundenes of conscience in his vocation, with all patience and humblenes, reuerencing, and obeying the magistrate, exercising charitie, putting of the olde man, and putting on Christ, bearing with the weake, and louing one another according to Christs example. Finally, S. Paul after his commendacions to the brethren exhorteth them to vnite, and to flee false preachers , and flatters, and so concludeth with a prayer.