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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Romans 2

1 a Nether thei which do approue euil doers, nor they which reproue them, are excusable before God.

1 ! He feareth the hypocrites with Gods judgement.

1 b For ether thou art giltie of the same faute, or like.

1 / Or, blamest.

2 c For he judgeth the heart and regardeth not the outwarde persone.

5 d The wicked shalbe condemned, and the faithful deliuered.

6 e The commune sorte of men are moste vnable to be justified by their workes, seing Abraham the father of beleuers hathe nothing to glorie of before God, & therefore all mens workes shal condemne them, & they onely shalbe saued, which apprehende Jesus Christ by faith to be their onelie justice, & sanctification.

9 f By the Grecian he vnderstandeth the Gentile, & euerie one that is not a Jewe.

11 g As touching anie outwarde qualitie, but as the potter before he make his vessels, he doeth appoint some to glorie, and others to ignominie.

12 h That is, without the knowledge of the Law written which was giuen by Moses.

12 ! To beat downe all vaine pretence of ignorance, holines, and of alliance with God, he proueth all men to be sinners.

15 i For mans conscience sheweth him when he doeth good or euil.

17 k He awaketh the Jewes, which were a slepe through a certeine securitie & confidence in the Law.

20 l The way to teache others in the knowledge of the trueth.

25 m The end of circumcision was the keping of the Law, & the Sacrament separated from his end is of none effect.

27 n When the Law is called the letter, or that it prouoketh death in vs, or that it killeth, or is the ministerie of death, or that it is the strength of sinne, it is ment as we consider the Law of it selfe without Christ.

27 / Or, condemne.