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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Acts 28

2 ! Paul with his companie are gently intreated of the barbarous people.

4 c Whome thei made a Goddesse & called her Dice, or Nemesis.

4 b Suche is the peruers judgement of men, that they condemne suche as thei se in anie affliction.

6 d Beholde the extremitie of these infideles, & how muche thei are bent to superstition: for after one rage & errour thei fell into another.

8 ! He healeth Publius father and others, and being fournished by them of things necessarie, he fared towarde Rome,

11 e These the Paynims fained to be Jupiters children & gods of the sea.

15 f These places were distant from Rome a daies journey, or there about.

15 / Or, shoppes.

15 ! Where being receiued of the brethren, he declareth his busines,

16 g No doute the Captaine vnderstode bothe by Festus lettres, & also by the reporte of the vnder captaine that Paul had committed no faute.

20 h That is, for Jesus Christs cause, whome thei had long loked for as he that shulde be the redemer of the worlde.

23 i That this kingdome, which was spoken of by the Prophetes, was offred vnto them by the comming of Christ.

26 k Hereby the hearts of the infideles oght to be molified, & the weakelings confirmed that thei be not offended by the stubbernes, of the wicked.

27 l The worde of God healeth when the vertue of the Spirit is joyned with it: & it is preached generally, that all might be inexcusable.