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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Acts 27

1 ! Pauls dangerous uiage and his companie towarde Rome.

4 a From Sido to Myra they shulde haue sailed north, & by west: but the windes caused them to saile to Cyprus plaine North: thence to Cilicia Norht and by East, and so to Pamphylia, & Myra plaine West.

7 b Which was an hight hil of Candie bowing to the sea warde.

9 c This fast the Jewes abserued about the moneth of October in the Feast of their expiation, {Leui. 23,37}. So that Paul thoght it better to winter there, then to faile in the diepe of winter which was at hand.

14 d That is, the Northeast winde, or euerie East winde that is furious and stormie.

16 e This yle was West and by South from Candie straight towarde the goulef Syrtes, which were certeine boiling sandes that swallowed vp all that thei caught.

21 f That is, ye shulde haue saued the losse by auoiding the danger.

23 g They colde not then reproue him of rashenes, seing that this was the ordinance of God.

24 h The graces & blessings, which God giueth to his children, profite manie times the enemies, which are vnworthie to receiue the frute thereof.

27 k This sea in Strabos time was taken for all that parte, which was about the mountaines called Ceraunii, & so deuideth Italie frm Dalmatia, & goeth vp to Venice.

31 l Paul wolde vse suche meanes, as God had ordeined, lest he shulde seme to haue tempted him.

33 m He meaneth an extraordinarie abstinence, which came of the feare of death, & so toke away their appetite.

34 n By this Hebrewe phrase is ment that they shulde be in all points safe and sounde, {1 Sam. 14,45. 1 king. 1,52. mat. 10,30}

42 o This declareth the great and barbarous ingratitude of the wicked, which can not be wone by no benefites.