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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Acts 26

1 ! The innocencie of Paul is approued by rehearsing his conuersation.

3 a For asmuche as he best vnderstode the religion, he oght to be more attentiue.

5 b Paul speaketh of this sect according to the peoples estimation who preferred it as moste holie aboue all others: for their doctrine was least corrupt.

10 c That is, I approued their crueltie which they vsed against him.

18 e Althogh this properly apperteineth vnto God, yet he applieth this vnto his ministers vnto whome he giueth his holie Spirit.

25 ! His modest answer against the injurie of Festus.

26 f He knewe that the Law and the Prophetes were of God, but he did not vnderstand the true applying of the same.