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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Acts 19

2 a That is, the particular giftes of the Spirit: for as yet they knewe not the visible gifts.

3 b Meaning, what doctrine they did professe by their baptisme: for to be baptized in Johns baptisme signifieth to professe the doctrine which he taught, and sealed with the signe of baptisme: to be baptized in the Name of the Father, &c. is to be dedicated and consecrate vnto him: to be baptized in the death of Christ, or for the dead, or into one bodie, vnto the remission of sinnes, is that sinne by Christs death may be abolished, and dye in vs, & that we may growe in Christ our head, and that our sinnes may be washed away by the blood of Christ.

5 c Endewed with the visible graces of the holie Gost.

9 ! The Jewes blaspheme his doctrine, which was confirmed by miracles.

9 d That is, or a certeine man so called.

12 e This was to autorize the Gospel, and to confirme Pauls ministerie, not to ccause men to worship him or his napkins.

13 ! The rashenes, and punishment of the conjurers & the frute that came thereof.

13 f They abuse Pauls autoritie, & without any vocation of God, vsurpe that which is not in mans power.

13 / Or, conjurers.

18 g That is, declared by confession of their sinnes and by their good workes that they were faithful.

19 h This mounteth to of our money about 2000 markes.

21 i By the motion of the holie Gost, he vndertoke this jorney.

23 k That is, about the state of the Christians: for they contemned the Christians because they left the olde religion, & broght in another trale of doctrine.

24 ! Demetrius raiseth sedition vnder pretence of Diana.

24 ! Or, shrines.

24 l What impietie doeth not couetousnes driue a man vnto?

25 m He was moued with his profit: & the others for their bellies, so that they wolde rather lose bothe their liues, & religion then their filthie gaine.

27 o Religion is his seconde argument which he lesse estemeth, then his profit, and therefore putteth it last, which thing is contrary to the goings of the faithful: for they preferre religion aboue all.

27 p He groundeth his religion vpon the multitude & autoritie of the worlde, as do the Papistes.

33 q And set him in an hie place where the people colde not come nere him but whence thei might wel heare his voyce.

35 r Antiquitie & the couetousnes of the Priests broght in this superstition: for it is writen that the temple being repaired seuen times, this idole was neuer changed, Plin. li. 16, 40. by suche delusions the worlde is moste easely abused.

36 s He pacifieth the people by wordlelie wisdome, & hathe no respect to religion.

41 ! Yet God deliuereth his and appeaseth it by the towne clarke.