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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Acts 18

3 b Thus he vsed where euer he came: but principally at Corinthus because of the false Apostles which preached with out wages to winne the people fauour.

3 c Or pauilions which then were made of skines.

3 ! Paul Laboureth with his hands, and preacheth at Corinthus.

6 e Because they haue none excuse, he deuounceth the vengeance of God against them through their owne faute.

6 ! He is detested of the Jewes.

10 f God promiseth him a special protection, whereby he wolde defende him from the violent rage of his enemies.

13 g They accused him because he transgressed the seruice of God appointed by the Law.

18 i Paul did thus beare with the Jewes infirmities which as yet were not sufficiently instructed.

18 ! Pauls vowe.

22 k Called Cesarea Stratonie.

24 / Or, wel instructed.

25 m He had but as yet the first principles of Christs religion: and by baptisme is here ment the doctrine.

26 n This great learned, and eloquent man disdained not to be taught of a poore craftes man.

26 o The way to saluation.