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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Acts 20

6 a He remained there these daies, because he had better opportunitie to teache: also the abolishing of the Law was not yet knowen.

7 b Which we call Sonday. Of this place and also of the {1 Cor. 16,2} we gather that the Christians vsed to haue their solemne assemblies this day, laying aside the ceremonie of the Jewish Sabbath.

7 ! He celebrateth the Lords supper and preacheth.

9 / Or, boye.

13 d Which was a citie of Mysia called otherwise Apollonis, ???

17 ! At Ephesus he callet the Elders of the Church together committeth the keping of Gods flocke vnot them, warneth them of false teachers, maketh his praier with them, and departeth by ship towards and Jerusalem.

19 f This vertue is contrarie to boasting & hieminded: which vices are detestable in the seruants of Jesus Christ.

20 g I nether held my tongue for feare, nor dissembled for gaine.

21 h Which is the tourning to God by newnes of life.

21 i Which is the receiuing of the grace, which Christ doeth offer vs.

22 k That is, by the impulsion & commandement of the holie Gost, who draweth me as with a band.

26 m I am not the occasion of anie of your destructions.

28 o That which apperteineth to the hummanitie of Christ, is here attributed to his diuinitie, because of the communion of the proprieties, & vnion of the two natures in one persone.

30 p Through their ambition, which is mother of all heresie and wickednes.

32 q To increase you with further graces & to finish his worke in you.

32 r He promiseth to the faithful continual increase of grace, til they enter into the possession of that inheritance, which is prepared for them.

35 s Althogh this be not orderly so writ in anie one place, yet it is gathered of diuers places of the Scripture in effect.