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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Acts 11

2 a For they colde not yet comprehende this secret, which was hid from the Angels them selues, euen from the creation of the worlde, {Eph. 3,8. col. 1, 26}

4 ! Peter sheweth the cause wherefore he went to the Gentiles.

16 c That is, indued with the graces of the holie Gost.

18 d Their modestie declareth that they were not ashamed to vnsay that wereof they had vnjustely blamed Peter.

18 e This repentance dependeth vpon faith.

18 ! The Church approueth it.

20 f He meaneth not the Jewes which being scatered abroade in diuers countreis were called by this name, but the Grecians, which were Gentiles.

21 g The power and vertue.

22 h This was the moste famous citie of Syria, and bordered vpon Cilicia.

26 i Where as before they were called disciples, now they are named Christians.

28 k This prophecie was an occasion to the Antiochians to relieue the necessitie of their brethren in Jerusalem.

28 ! Agabus prophecieth death to come.

29 l To signifie that it came of a charitable minde towardes them.