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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Acts 12

1 a Who was called Agrippa the sone of Aristobul: he was nephewe vnto Herode the Great, and brother of Herodias.

2 b There was another so named which was the sonne of Alpheus.

3 c It came then of no zeale nor relition, but onely to flatter the people.

4 d The nomber being sixtene was deuided by foures to kepe diuers wardes.

4 ! And putteth Peter in prison.

8 ! Herode persecuteth the Christian.

11 f For they thoght that Herode wolde haue put him to death, as he had purposed.

15 g For thei did know by Gods worde that Angels were appointed to defende the faithful, and also in those dayes thei were accustomed to se suche sights.

17 h Which was lesse suspect, by reason of the brethren.

20 i Bothe by flattering wordes & also by briberie.

23 k Which he shulde haue done, if he had punished the flatterers, of whose vanitie he complained, when he was a dying, as Josephus writeth.

23 l The vilenes of the punishment declareth how God detesteth pride, and tyrannie: his grande father also was eaten of life.

24 m The more that tyrants go about to suppresse Gods worde, the more doeth it increase.

25 ! Barnabas & Saul returning to Antiochia take John Marke with them.

25 n Which was to distribute the almes sent from Antiochia, {Chap. 11,29}