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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Acts 10

2 a Who had forsaken all superstitions, & gaue him self to the true seruice of God.

4 b That is, God did accept them: whereof it followeth that he had faith: for els it is impossible to please God.

12 d As camels horses, dogs, oxen, shepe, swine & suche like which man nourisheth for his life.

15 e In taking away the difference betwixt vncleane beastes and cleane he sheweth there is no difference betwixt the Jewes and Gentiles.

15 f Take it not for polluted & impure.

19 ! The Gentiles also receue the Spirit, and are baptized.

20 g Then true obedience which procedeth of faith, oght to be without dout or questioning.

25 h Shewed to much reuerence, and farre passing decent ordre, as thogh Peter had bene God.

35 i By this speache the Ebrewes meane the whole religion of God, which without faith profiteth vs nothing.

35 k That is, he that is vpright & doeth hurt to no man, but doeth good to all.

36 l Meaning the reconciliation betwene God & man through Christ Jesus, {Luk. 2,14}

38 m That is, endued him with graces & giftes aboue all others.

47 n We oght not to debarre them of baptisme whome God testifieth to be his: for seing they haue the principal, that is lesse, oght not to be denied them.