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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Acts 3

1 a Which is with vs, thre a clocke after none, which was their euening sacrifice, at which the Apostles were present to teach, that the shadowes of the Law were abolished by that lambe that toke away the sinnes of the worlde.

2 b Because his disease was incurable, he gaue him self to liue of almes.

6 d In the vertue of Jesus: for Christ was the autor of this miracle, and Peter was the minister.

16 g To wit, Gods Name whereby it appeareth that they did striue against God.

16 / Or, in Christ.

17 h He doeth not excuse their malice, but because that ignorance and a blinde zeale led many, he putteth them in hope of saluation.

17 i He meaneth some, & not all.

19 k When Jesus shal come to judge the worlde, ye shal knowe that he wil be your redemer & not your judge.

21 l We therefore beleue constantly, that he is in none other place.

21 m Which is begon & continueth: but the ful accomplishement, & perfection is defferred to the last day.

22 e He correcteth the abuse of men who attribute that to mans holines, which onely apperteineth to God.

22 n Of the stocke of Abraham.

25 q None are blessed but in Christ.

25 o Because they came of the same nacion, and therefore were heires of the same promes which apperteined to the whole bodie of the people.

26 r So that our regeneration and newnes of life is inclosed vnder this blessing.