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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Acts 2

1 a The holie Gost was sent when muche people was assembled in Jerusalem at the feast, {Exod. 23, 16. leui. 23, 16. deu. 16,9.} because the thing might not onely be knowen there, but also through the worlde.

1 b That is , the Apostles.

3 ! The Apostles hauing receiued the holie Gost, make their heares astonished.

3 e To declare the vertue, and force that shulde be in them.

3 d This signe agreeth with the thing, which is signified thereby.

8 g For they colde speak all languages, so that they were able to speake to euerie man in his owne langage.

10 h Whose ancestres were not of the Jewish nation, but were conuerted to the Jewes religion, which their children did professe.

10 i That is, suche as were conuerted to the Jewish religion, which were before paintims and idolaters.

13 k There is no worke of God so excellent, which the wicked skoffers do not deride.

13 / Or, swete.

14 ! When Peter had stopped the mouthes of the mocerks, he sheweth by the visible graces of the holie Spirit that Christ is come.

16 l He expoundeth Joels minde without binding him self to his wordes.

17 m Or man: meaning yong and olde, man and woman.

17 n Meaning, that God wil shewe him self verie familiarely & plainely bothe to olde & yong.

20 p God wil shewe suche signes of his wrath through all the worlde, that men shalbe no lesse amased then if the whole ordre of nature were changed.

21 q He teacheth this remedie to auoyde the wrath, and threatenings of God, and to obteine saluation.

23 r God caused their wickednes to set forthe his glorie contrarie to their mindes.

23 s As Judas trayson and the Jewes crueltie towards Christ were moste detestable, so were thei not onely knowen to the eternal wisdome of God, but also directed by his immutable counsel to a moste blessed end.

23 / Or, prouidence.

24 t Bothe as touching the paine, & also the horror of Gods wrath and curse.

25 u To signifie that nothing can comfort vs in our afflictions except we know that God is present with vs.

27 / Or, feele.

30 z And so knewe by reuelation & special promes that which els he colde not haue knowen.

31 a The worde signifieth a place where one can se nothing.

31 / Or, feele.

33 c He obteined of his father power to accomplish the promes which he made to his Apostles, as touching the holie Gost to be sent vnto them.

34 d And therefore Christ doeth farre excell Dauid.

35 e Christ is the onelie redemer vnto whome all powers are subject & must obey.

36 f That is, hathe the appointed as King & ruler: and note, that in all this Sermon Peter speaketh of Christs manhode, as he was dead, buryed, risen & ascended to heauen.

38 g He speaketh not here of the forme of baptsme, but teacheth that the whole effect thereof consisteth in Jesus Christ.

38 h The visible singes.

39 i Christ is promised bothe to the Jewes and Gentiles, but the Jewes haue the first place.

41 ! He baptizeth a great nomber that were conuerted.

41 / Or, persones.

42 ! The godlie excercise, charitie, and diuers vertues of the faithful.

42 k Which standeth in brotherlie loue, & liberalitie, {Rom. 15,26. 2 Cor 9,16}

42 l Which was the ministration of the Lords supper.

45 m Not that their goods were mingled all together: but suche order was obserued that euerie man frankely relieued anothers necessitie.

46 n They did eat together, and at these feasts did vse to minister the Lords supper, {1 Cor. 11,21. Jude 12}

46 / Or, from house to house.

47 o Whereby we se that the Apostles trauailed not in vaine.