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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Acts 1

1 a Whereby is ment Christs doctrine, & his miracles declared for the confirmation of the same.

2 c Who as thei were called by God, so had thei their consciences assured by his holie Spirit.

2 b To preache the Gospel.

3 e Because thei shuld be all witnesses of his ascension.

3 d Whereby God reigneth in vs.

5 f That is, with those spiritual graces which Jesus donely giueth by his Spirit.

6 g This declareth mans impaciencie who can not abide quietly til Gods appointed time come, but wolde haue all things accomplished according to their affections, read {Zach. 6,4}

7 h For this passeth our capacitie, and god reserueth it to him self.

7 ! The wordes of Christ & his Angels to the Apostles.

8 i To stand in the face of the whole worlde which signifieth that thei must entre into heauen by afflictions, & therefore must fight before thei get the victorie.

8 k Hereby thei might learne that the Messias was not onely for the Jewes, but also for the Gentiles.

9 l Whereby they knewe certeinely whether he went.

11 o As the true redemer to gather vs vnto him.

12 p Which was two mile, according to the Jewes tradition, albeit it was not so appointed by the Scriptures.

14 ! Wherein the Apostles are occupied til the holie Gost be sent.

14 q A liuelie patron to learne hot to dispose our selues to receiue the giftes of the holie Gost.

14 r Partely to obteine the holie Gost, & partely to be deliuered from the present dangers.

16 s The offense, which might haue come by Judas fall, is hereby taken away, because the Scripture had so forewarned.

18 t Perpetual infamie is the rewarde of all suche as by vnlawfully gotten goods bye anie thing.

22 u In that he mencioneth the principal article of our faith, he comprehendeth also the rest.

24 x To the intent that he that shulde take in hand that excellent office of an Apostle, might be chosen by the autoritie of God.