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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Acts 4

1 a It is to be thoght that this was the Captaine of the Romaines garison.

2 b The Sadduces were great enemies, to this doctrine.

3 ! Peter and John deliuered out of prison, preache the Gospel boldely.

4 c The whole Church was increased to this nomber.

9 f Judges oght to condemne, but approue and commend that which is wel done.

11 h For to vpholde the waight & force of the buylding.

15 k The wicked stil rage against Christ, thogh their owne conscience do condemn them.

16 ! They are commanded to preache no more in that name.

17 l They gaue commandement to preache Christ no more.

18 m They preferre their authoritie to the ordinance of God.

20 n To the intent that we shulde beare witnes, & preache them.

21 o God hathe put a ring through the wicked noses so that he stayed them from their mischiuous purposes.

24 ! They pray for the good successe of the Gospel.

25 q They grounde their praiers vpon God's promes, who had assured that he wolde enlarge the kingdome of Christ.

27 s And appointed to be King.

28 u All things are done by the force of Gods purpose, according to the decree of his wil, {Ephe. 1,11}

29 x Aswage their rage and malice which they entreprise against thee.

29 y They seke not how to liue at ease, but whereby they may moste glorifie God.

31 z This was a signe of Gods presence and the performans of his promes.

31 a This boldenes & constancie declared that their praier toke effect.

32 c Their hearts were so joined in God, that being all membres of one godie, they colde not suffer their fellow membres to be destitute.

32 ! The increase, vnitie and charitie of the Church.

32 b Of one minde, wil, consent and affection.

34 d As the Apostles suffred none to lacke, so S. Paul commandeth, that no idle loyterers be mainteined, {2 Thes. 3,10}

35 e The goods were not alike deuided amongs all, but as euerie man had want, so was his necessitie moderately relieued.