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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): John 21

1 / Or, lake of Gennesareth.

6 a Albeit they knewe him not, yet they folowed his counsel, because thei had all night taken paines in vaine.

7 b It was some linnen garment, which fishers vsed to weare, which being trussed vnto him, couered his nether partes, & also letted not his swimming.

15 ! He commandeth Peter earnestly to fede his shepe.

15 c The minister can not wel teache his congregacion, except he loue Christ effectually, which loue is not in them that feed not the flocke.

17 d Because Peter shulde be established in his office of an Apostle, Christ causeth him by these thre times confessing, to wipe away the shame of his thre times denying.

18 e Insteed of a girdle, you shalt be tyed with bands & cordes & where as now thou goest at libertie, then thou shalt be drawen to punishement when thy flesh shal after a sorte resist.

25 f But God wolde not charge vs with so great an heape: seing therefore that we haue so muche as is necessarie, we oght to content our selues and praise his mercie.