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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): John 20

1 a She departed from home before day, & came thether about the sunne rising, {Mark 16,2}

1 ! Marie Magdalene cometh to the sepulchre.

8 c He beleued that Christs bodie was taken away, according as Marie reported.

8 b That is, John which wrote this Gospel.

17 f He is our Father & God, because Jesus Christ is our brother.

17 d Because she was to muche addicted to the corporal presence, Christ teacheth her to lift vp her minde by faith into heauen where onely after his ascension he remaineth, & where we sit with him at the right hand of the Father.

17 e That is, the disciples: for he was the first borne amongs manie brethren, {Psal. 22,23. rom. 8,29. colos 1,18}

17 ! Christ appeareth to Marie Magdalene,

19 g So that no man opened him the dores, but by his diuine power he caused them to open of their owne accord, as of Peter is red, {Act. 5,19 & 12, 10}

19 h Or all prosperitie: which maner of greting the Jewes vsed.

19 ! And to all his disciples.

22 i To giue them greater power & vertue to execute the weightie charge that he wolde commit vnto them.

29 k Which depend vpon the simplicitie of Gods worde & grounde not them selues vpon mans sense and reason.