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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): John 19

1 a He thoght to haue pacified the furie of the Jewes by some indisserous correction.

2 ! When Pilate colde not aswage the rage of the Jewes against Christ, he deliuereth him vp with his superscription to be hanged betwixt two theeues.

5 b He spake in mockerie, because Christ called him self King.

7 c Christ was in dede the Sonne of God and therefore might justly call him self so without breache of the Law: wherefore their colored accsusation was falsely applied.

11 d Hereby he sheweth him that he oght not to abuse his office and autoritie.

24 i That which was prefigured in Dauid, was accomplished in Jesus Christ.

29 l It may appeared that the crosse was not hie, seing a man might reache Christs mouth with an hyssope stalke, which as appeareth, {1 King 4, 33} was the lowest amongs herbes, as the cedre was hiest amongs trees.

29 k Or fastened it vpon an hyssope stalke.

30 m Mans saluacion is perfected by the onelie sacrifice of Christ: & all the ceremonies of the Law are ended.

31 n Because the day of the Passeouer fel on the Sabbath day.

33 ! Dyeth, and his side is perced, and taken down frm the crosse.

34 o Which declareth that he was dead indede as he rose againe from death to life.

38 p That is to say, before Christs death, but now he declareth him self, manifestly.

40 q This honorable buryal was as a preparacion & entrie vnto the resurrection.