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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): John 18

1 a Which was a depe valley through the which a streame ranne after a great raine.

3 b The which he had obteined of the gouernour of the Temple.

6 ! The wordes of his mouth smite the officers to the grounde.

9 c He bothe spareth their bodies & also saueth their soules.

13 e Althogh this office was for terme of life by Gods ordinance, yet the ambition, and dissension of the Jewes caused the Romaines from time to time to hange it either for briberie or fauour.

13 ! Jesus is broght before Annas and Caiaphas.

13 d Who sent Christ vnto Caiaphas the high Priest bounde.

24 g After that Caiaphas had first sent him to him.

31 h He spake this disdainfully, because they were so bent against all right and equitie.

31 i As if they shulde say, Thou wil not suffre vs to do it: for he knew that it was not permitted to them by the Romaines to punish with death.

36 k It standeth not in strength of men nor in worldelie defence.

38 l This was a mocking and disdeineful question.

39 m This was one of their blinde abuses: for the Law of God gaue no libertie to quite a wicked trespaser.