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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): John 17

1 ! The prayer of Christ vnto his Father, bothe for him self and his Apostles, and also for all suche as receiue the trueth.

2 b Which are the elect.

3 c That is, that thei acknowledge bothe the Father, & the Sonne to be verie God.

6 e Our election standeth in the good pleasure of God, which is the onelie foundation, & cause of our saluation, and is declared to vs in Christ, through whome we are justified by faith and sanctified, {Rom. 8,39. ephe. 1,4}

11 g That they may be joyned in vnitie of faith & spirit.

12 h He was so called, not onely for that he perished, but because God had apointed and ordeined him to this end, {Act. 1, 16, & 4, 27}

14 i But are separate by the spirit of regeneration.

17 k Renewe them with thine heauenlie grace, that they onely may seke thy wil.

19 l Which thing declareth that Christs holines is ours.

21 m That the infideles may by experience be conuicted to confesse my glorie.

22 n I haue shewed them the example and patron of perfect felicitie.

24 o That they maie profit, and growe vp in suche sort that in the end they may enjoy the eternal glorie with me.

26 p For without him we can not comprehende the loue wherewith God loueth vs.