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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): John 16

2 ! He putteth them in remembrance of the crosse, and of their owne infirmitie to come

2 / Greke, put you out of the Synagogues.

4 b He bare with them because they were but weakelings.

7 ! And therefore doeth comfort them with the promise of the holie Gost.

8 d Or, conuince. Thi is to be vnderstand of the comming of the holie Gost when his vertue and strength shal shine in the Church.

9 e His enemies which contmned him, & put him to death, shalbe conuicted by their owne conscience, for that they did not beleue in him, {Act 2, 37}, and shal know that without Jesus Christ there is nothing but sinne.

10 f Wherefore the wicked must nedes confesse that he was juste, & beloued of his Father, & not condemned by him as a blasphemer or transgressor.

11 g When they shal knowe that I (whome they called the carpenters sonne, and willed to come downe from the crosse) amd the verie Sonne of God which haue ouercome all the power of hel and reigne ouer all, {2 Cor. 10,22. ephe. 1,19}

12 h These things are conteined in the doctrine of the Apostles which onely is sufficient.

13 i As touching the spiritual kingdome of God: for the Apostles knewe not that til after the resurrection.

16 l From death I passe to glorie and so wil I indue you with mine heauenlie vertue.

16 k Mine absence shal not be long: for I wil send you the holie Gost, who shal remaine with you for euer.

22 n For it shalbe grounded vpon my resurrection & grace of the holie Gost.

23 ! To asketh in the Name of Christ. Peace in Christ, & in the worlde affliction.

23 o For ye shal haue perfect knowledge, & shal no more doute as you were wont.

24 p In respect of that that you shal obteine, if you aske in faith.

26 q Christ denieth not that he is the mediator, but sheweth that they shal obteine their requestes without difficultie or any paine.

32 r Althogh men forsake Christ, yet is he no whit diminished: for he & his Father are one.

33 s We haue rest & comfort when we are truely graffed in Christ.