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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): John 15

4 a We can bring forthe no frute, except we be ingraffed in Christ.

6 ! The swete consolation, and mutual loue betwene Christ and his membres vnder the parable of the vine.

7 c So that ye folowe Gods worde, which ye comprehend by faith.

7 b We must be rooted in Jesus Christ by faith, which cometh of the worde of God.

15 f So that there is nothing ommitted that is necessarie for vs and concerning our saluation.

18 ! Of their commune afflictions and persecutions.

20 g The worde also signifieth, to be diligent to espie fautes to trippe one in.

20 h Which is the self same worde, but called theirs because they preache it.

22 i But shulde haue semed to be innocent, if I had not discouered their malice.

22 k In that they refused Christ it taketh from them all excuse wherewith they wolde haue justified them selues as if they had bene very holie & without all sinne.

26 ! The office of the holie Gost and the Apostles.