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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): John 14

1 a For in so beleuing no troubles shal ouercome them.

1 ! He armeth his disciples with consolation against trouble.

2 b So that there is not onely place for him, but for all his.

2 ! He ascendeth into heauen to prepare vs a place.

5 d He was not altogether ignorant, but his knowledge was weake and imperfite.

6 e Therefore we must begin in him, continewe in him, & end in him.

10 f For the verie fulnes of the diuinitie remaineth in Christ.

10 g In that, that he is man.

10 h Who declareth his majestie and vertue by his doctrine and miracles.

12 i That is referred to the whole bodie of the Church in whome this vertue of Christ doeth shine & remaine for euer.

16 k I haue comforted you whiles I was with you, but hensforthe the holie Gost shal comfort you, and preserue you.

17 l So called because he worketh in vs the trueth.

18 m Which thing he doeth by the vertue of his Spirit.

21 n He shal sensible feele that the grace of God abideth in him.

23 p Whereby he aduertiseth them not to haue respect to the worlde, lest they shulde be drawen backe by euil example.

23 ! The promes vnto them that kepe his worde.

24 q That is, not his alone: for he had nothing separate from his Father.

28 s In that, that Christ is become man to be Mediator betwene God & vs.

30 t Satan executeth his rage & tyrannie by the permission of God.

30 u Satan executeth his rage & tyrannie by the permsiion of God.

30 u Satan shal assaile me with all his force, but he sahl not finde that in me which he loketh for: for I am that Innocent lambe without spot.