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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): John 13

1 a Because he sawe the danger great which was towarde them, therefore he toke the greater care for them.

10 d That is, to be continually purged of his corrupt affections and worldelie cares which remaine dayly in vs.

14 ! Exhorting them to humilitie & charitie.

18 f Vnder pretence of friendship seketh his destruction.

19 g To wit, the Christ and redemer of the worlde.

21 h For very horror & indignation of suche an abominable acte as Judas shulde commit.

21 i He did openly affirme.

21 ! Telleth them of Judas the traitour,

23 k Their facion was not to sit at table, but hauing their shoes of, and cushions vnder their elbowes, leaned on their sides, as it were halfe lying.

31 m Meaning, that his crosse shal ingender a marucilous glorie, and that in it shal shine the infinite bountie of God.

34 ! And commandeth them earnestly to loue one another.

34 n Whereof we oght to haue continual remembrance as thoght it were euen newly giuen.