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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): John 12

13 ! The affection of some towards him, and the rage of others against him and Lazarus.

14 d This doeth wel declare that his kingdome stode not in the outwarde things.

20 e They were of the race of the Jewes, and came out of Asia & Grecia: for els the Jewes wolde not haue permitted that they shulde worship with them in the Temple.

23 f Which is, that the knowledge of him shulde be manifest through all the worlde.

25 g If the loue thereof let him from comming to Christ.

25 ! The commoditie of the crosse.

25 h And so loseth it for Christs sake.

31 i The reformacion and restoring of those things, which were out of order.

32 k The crosse is the meane to gather the Church of God together, and to drawe men to heauen.

32 l Not onely the Jewes but also the Gentiles.

38 m That is, the Gospel, which is the power of God to saluacion to euerie one that doeth beleue.

40 ! The blindenes of some, and the infirmities of others.

40 n By deliuering them from their miseries, & giuing them true felicitie.

47 / Or, condemne.

48 p For that day shal be the approbacion of the Gospel.