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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): John 11

4 a For although he dyed, yet being restored so sone to life, it was almost no death in comparison.

9 b He that walketh in his vocation, & hathe the light of God for his guyde, nedeth to feare no dangers. The day also, bothe somer & winter was with the Jewes diuided into 12 houres.

12 c They labored to stay Christ from going into Judea, as thogh there had bene no nede.

16 d Which signifieth in our tongue, a twynne in birth.

22 f She sheweth some faith, which not with standing was almost ouercome by her affections.

25 g Christ restoreth vs from death to giue vs euerlasting life.

31 h Wherein she declared her affection and reuerence that she bare to Christ.

33 i For compassion: for he felt our miseries, as thogh he suffred the like.

34 k We read not that his affections were so excessiue that he kept to measure, as we do in our sorowes, joyes & other affections.

40 l Thatis, a miracle whereby Gods Name shulde be glorified.

47 ! The hie Priests and Pharises gather a counsel against him.

48 m They resist God, thinking to hinder his worke by their owne policies.

51 o God made him to speake, nether colde his impietie let Gods purpose, who caused this wicked man euen as he did Balaam, to be an instrument of the holie God.

55 p Because thei thoght hereby to make them selues more holie against thei shulde eat the Passe ouer: but they were not commanded by God to vse this ceremonie.